AiTLE Supporting : wizlynx group – Security tips for using video conferencing tools during the pandemic period

As the coronavirus pandemic situation getting serious in recent weeks, video conferencing are more frequently used to communicate with your peers and clients, as a good security practice, have you ever evaluated the security level of video conferencing tools that are being used? Are there any default settings that are vulnerable and easily exploited by the attacker? Any possibility that your sensitive meeting conversation leaks owing to the misconfiguration or poor setup.

The webinar is hosted by wizlynx group ( for users who are new to video conferencing tools because of the pandemic situation, its purpose is to provide good security recommendations. The Webinar information is as below :

  • Topic : Security tips for using video conferencing tools during the pandemic period
  • Date : 2020-04-22 (Wed)
  • Time : 1100-1200
  • Format : Webinar format
  • Content :
    • Basic security guidelines to launch a secure video conference
    • Recommended default video conferencing setting in general
    • Recommended security best practices using video conferencing tools
    • Good practices for co-hosting conferencing (Internal or external)
    • To protect your meeting with sufficiency authentication
  • Language : English with Cantonese supporting
  • Webinar link will be sent to you after receiving your registration request submitting to [email protected] with following required information:
    • Name
    • Company Name
    • Work email address
    • Job title
  • Remark :
    • Please be noted it is not this webinar’s intention to compare different tools/brands, therefore it will not focus on a particular tool’s setting but aiming to provide general security tips for setting up similar video conferencing tools. Audiences can apply it according to their own environment