AiTLE Recommend : Join the Cybersec Infohub

AiTLE has joined the Cybersec Infohub as one of their Members organisations ( Cybersec Infohub is a cyber security information sharing platform hosted by OGCIO and managed by HKPC. At the moment, 160 Hong Kong companies with near 500 representatives have participated. AiTLE recommend teachers interested to visit to enjoy latest information re CyberSecurity.

Below is some of the information of the Cybersec Infohub :

The OGCIO officially launched the two-year Pilot Partnership Programme for Cyber Security Information Sharing named Cybersec Infohub in September 2018. Since its launch, the Cybersec Infohub has successfully served as a platform for local communities of cyber security professionals of both the public and private sectors to share cyber threat information and initiate collaboration on various issues/topics of cyber security. Below are Dec 2019 and Feb 2020 newsletters for you to have a glimpse of their latest developments.