AiTLE Supporting : Build a Secure Cyberspace 2014 “Information Security Starts from Me” 4-Panel Comic Drawing Contest

The objective of the “Information Security Starts from Me” 4-Panel Comic Drawing Contest is to promote the awareness of information security and adoption of security best practices in the community. The 4-panel comic should demonstrate the security threats faced by the computer users and how they could protect their IT devices and information assets in their daily lives. Examples of protective measures include install security software on the mobile device, enable encryption feature for the wireless broadband router, customise the privacy settings in the social network, avoid conducting online banking transactions in public computers at coffee shop, avoid clicking on the links in suspicious emails, etc.

The contest is divided into Open Group, Secondary School Group and Primary School Group. Each participant should submit only one entry to each group, additional entry will not be considered.

  • Open group: Open to all Hong Kong residents
  • Secondary School Group: Open to all secondary students in Hong Kong
  • Primary School Group: Open to all primary students in Hong Kong

Application and Submission Period

  • From 16 June 2014 (Monday) to 15 September 2014 (Monday)

Detail : ENG / CHI

Application Form : ENG / CHI