AiTLE – EDB : HK eLearning, STEM & Coding Education Mission to UK @ 2020-01-18 to 2020-01-24

Dates: 01/20/2020 Location: London, UK

To further enhance the eLearning readiness of schools of Hong Kong, AiTLE & EDB have decided to co-organize an Educational Trip to UK in Jan 2020 so as to get more experience from UK through attending different Education Technologies, Pedagogical Forum and also one of the world’s largest Education Technologies Expo – BETT SHOW.

Also, in view of the emphasis of coding, computational thinking and STEM, the visit will also focus on these areas. One of the main themes of the visit is to visit the BETT SHOW, which is the world’s leading education technology event celebrated in the UK, to hear from industry figures and meet with experts from different domains and areas re IT in Education, eLearning, STEM, Coding Education, SEN … everything about Education Technologies.

Detail of the Education Mission as below :

  • Title :
    • AiTLE – EDB : HK eLearning & STEM Education Mission to UK 2020
  • Co-organizers (list according to Alphabetical order) :
    • AiTLE, EDB
      • School can make use of Teacher Relief Grant to employ supply teachers to fill teaching posts vacant
    • Strategic Partners (list according to Alphabetical order) :
  • Date :
    • 2020-01-18 (SAT) to 2020-01-24 (FRI)
      • Expected departure from HK : 2020-01-17 (FRI) / 2020-01-18 (SAT)
      • Expected arrival back to HK : 2020-01-24 (FRI)
  • Content :
    • School Visit(s)
    • Meet and Chat with Educators of UK
    • STEM workshop(s) and Musem Visit(s)
    • Visit BETT Show

We cordially invite your school to nominate Principal, Vice Principal, eLearning Coordinator, IT Coordinator, STEM Coordinator or even though subject teachers to join the Trip. Due to the limitation of some visits, we can at maximum accept 45 people to join trip. Seats are limited and will be allocated on First Come First Serve basis.

The trip is a self-paid trip and from our experience, the expenditure per person is about HKD 15,000 ~ HKD 17,000, but of course depends on your own selection of flight and accommodation etc. We are doing our best to incorporate meaningful event and visit during the trip, and also have some lunch and dinner being arranged by partners.

To Apply (Through EDB TCS) : ENG | CHI