AiTLE & EDB Co-organise : STEM Education Tour to Estonia (5 – 12 Oct 2019)

Dates: 10/09/2019 Times: 00:01 - 23:59 Location: Estonia

Estonian Government adopted an integrated approach to promote STEM education since 2011 and this resulted in remarkable outcomes in recent years, including ranked the 3rd in the world (top among EU countries) in science areas of 2015 PISA result.

In order to let educators of Hong Kong to know more about the STEM Education & Digital Society development of Estonia, AiTLE & EDB co-organize the “AiTLE & EDB Co-organise : STEM Education Tour to Estonia (5 – 12 Oct 2019)“. Detail of the event as below :

  • Theme : STEM Education and Digital Society
  • Dates : 2019-10-05 (SAT) to 2019-10-12 (SAT)
  • Location : Estonia
  • Objectives :
    • To understand the STEM education policies adopted by Estonia including the relevant national curriculum and coding education so as to inform the improvement of implementation strategies of STEM education in schools of Hong Kong
    • To exchange experience on good practice of implementation of STEM education in schools.
    • To understand the support measures provided to schools of Estonia including teacher training and learning & teaching resources
  • Content / Programme Description :
    • Attending sharing session on STEM education organised by Ministry of Education of Estonia
    • Visits to the schools and university of Estonia on STEM implementation practice and teacher training
    • Visits to the Estonia’s educational technology developers on STEM resources provision
  • Remark :
    • Nomination will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis whereas consideration will also be given to allow more schools to participate. AiTLE is responsible for confirming the attendance list and its decision.
    • Successful applicants will be required to pay for their own expense of the tour including air-tickets, hotel accommodation and traveling insurance etc.

Registration : through TCS, please click here