AiTLE + Huawei : Seminar & Workshop on 5G and AI in Teaching and Education

Dates: 06/25/2019 Times: 14:30 - 17:30 Location: Room C604, Ying Wa College, 1 Ying Wa Street, Shamshuipo, Kowloon

AiTLE has organized different technical seminars and workshops recently like WiFi 6 & AX, DEP+ASM+VPP+MDM. Also some have been promoted and now in the process of registration (like Cloud, WMI, Unite and Optane). They all are welcomed by teachers and technical staff of schools. In view of that, AiTLE has invited professionals from Huawei and also frontline teachers to do share on 5G, AI and AI in Education. Detail of the event as below :

  • Date : 2019-06-25 (TUE)
  • Time : 1430-1730
  • Venue : Room C604, Ying Wa College, 1 Ying Wa Street, Shamshuipo, Kowloon
  • Content :
    • 5G (Seminar format)
      • 5G Usage scenario and key capabilities
      • 5G readiness of chipset, smartphone, CPE in 2019-2020
      • 5G global commercialization status
      • China 5G pre launch status in SH, GZ, SZ and vertical industries
      • 5G case sharing in Smart Fishing in Norway, Sport Event Live broadcast by BT, Smart Police in SZ
      • 5G auto driving by Huawei V2P, V2V, V2I technology
      • 5G Telemedicine in China
      • 5G Smart Manufacturing, robotics in Huawei
      • WiFi 6 infrastructure for 5G era
    • AI (Seminar & Workshop format)
      • AI usage in FinTech & Smart City in HK and China
      • Face recognition service
      • Voice recognition service
      • MapReduce service, Hadoop big data
      • ModelArts Developer platform
      • Huawei Cloud Enterprise Intelligence
    • Huawei (AI) Cloud Academy (Seminar & Workshop format)
      • Difference between Huawei (AI) Cloud Academy @ HK & China
      • Content walk through
      • Huawei support to AiTLE members for Huawei (AI) Cloud Academy
      • Certification for Huawei (AI) Cloud Academy
    • AI in Education (Seminar & Workshop format)
      • Teacher sharing on AI in Education

Registration :