AiTLE Project : D-Link eLearning Support (DeS)

Dates: 04/10/2015

2015-07-10 - D-Link eLearing Support Project

K12 eLearning is glad to receive more and more support from Government and Business Sector, besides the Support Projects (WaaS, TestBed, SSC, LwL etc) launched, AiTLE is glad to partner with Alris Technology  to launch a support project called D-Link eLearning Support (DeS).

The project is organized by AiTLE and supported by Alris Technology Limited, D-Link & F-Secure, aimed to support at maximum 10 K12 schools. By participating and getting experience on using D-Link WiFi products in the coming year, teachers and students will have a chance to setup WiFi Access Points, Mobile Charger Trolley and end-point protection software by the support from Alris Technology. With the mentioned equipment at “no cost”, schools can have the chance to get hands on experiences by using those advance technologies products to extend their e-learning capacity.

The program application is open to K12 schools in Hong Kong. Please fill in the application form by 31, July, 2015.  Below please found more information about the project.

  • About the Project
    • The project will make available for each selected school in total about :
      • 2 pcs D-Link DAP-2660 AP
        • 1 attached to the Mobile Charge Trolley, 1 for Staff Room
      • 1 pcs D-Link CWM Software controller
      • 1 pcs aMagic Mobile Charger Trolley
      • 40 pcs aMagic N08power bank
      • 40 sets F-Secure PSB end-point security software
  • Sharing the experience of using D-Link / Alris or other suggestion
    • Participating schools (and the teachers responsible) are expected to complete the following “Sharing the experience of D-Link WiFi & F-Secure security products” activities in the 2015/16 school year. They are designed for teachers to share their experience so as to build a better e-learning community.
      • Attend some seminars and events (if any, by AiTLE, D-Link or Alris Technology).
      • Attend some sharing sessions of AiTLE, D-Link or Alris’  activities for conducting a presentation on e-learning insights on our planned schedules.
      • Submit some photos of usage and implementation progress of the WiFi e-learning sets in class
    • The WiFi products, Mobile Charger Trolley & the F-Secure end-point protection software will be owned by the schools at the end of twelve months after the program start date !
  • Time line 
    • Application period ~ through online form :
      • 2015-07-10 to 2015-07-31
    • AiTLE send out confirmation letter (with data completed online) to school applying the project :
      • 2015-08-01 to 2015-08-09
    • Schools sign back the confirmation to AiTLE :
      • 2015-08-10 to 2015-08-14
    • Processing of submitted application, selection of schools for the project :
      • 2015-08-15 to 2015-08-18
    • Notification of selection result to schools by AiTLE and acceptance by school (Selected schools sign back Program letter to AiTLE) :
      • 2015-08-19 to 2015-08-25
    • Product delivery, installation & training :
      • 2015-08-26 to 2015-09-11
  • Terms & Conditions
    • A judging panel formed by AiTLE and Alris Technology Limited of this program will decide in their sole and absolute discretion to select the shortlisted schools. The decision is final and not subject to any appeal.
    • AiTLE & Alris Technology Limited reserve the right to change the timing of program, estimated dates of product delivery, product installation and training without prior notice to teachers and schools.
    • All data transfer and reception time shall be according to AiTLE’s or agency’s server, and subject to AiTLE’s & Alris Technology Limited final decision. AiTLE & Alris Technology Limited is not responsible for any data that is transmitted late, lost, or any information that is received but incomplete or illegible from our products provided.
    • You declare and warrant that all data and information you provide is complete and accurate and are obliged to provide relevant documents for verification upon request. If the details you provide are incomplete, inaccurate (including but not limited to the use of a false e-mail address), inappropriate or illegible, or you impersonate another person or school to participate, AiTLE & Alris Technology Limited will in its sole and absolute discretion disqualify your eligibility in this Program.
    • Schools are obliged to participate random school site visits (during the application or after shortlisted) conducted by AiTLE & Alris Technology Limited with advanced notice.
    • Information of the school and its related persons will be collected to enable the AiTLE & Alris Technology Limited has the rights to administrate and use the information for the Program.

To Apply : Click here