AiTLE Recommended : Cisco Netacad Instructor Trainings (Free for ITE, CCNA1 & 2 ; Need to pay for CCNA3 & 4)

2015-05-20 - Cisco Netacad Instructor Trainings

In order to support the Post-Secondary & K12 education on networking, Cisco and IVE are glad to provide Cisco Netacad Instructor Trainings. Detail of the training as below :

  • Objectives:
    • Provide opportunity for teachers’ professional development
    • Provide opportunity to network with Cisco representatives and IT professionals, Instructor trainers from different background.
    • Provide opportunity for teachers to join as Networking Academy instructors and use quality NetSpace teaching materials for free.
  • Important notice:
    • Due to packed schedules of the trainings, all participants please ensure that you take time to go through the course materials in advance of the training as a preparation. NetSpace account would be set up for your preparation when your registration confirmed.
    • The passing requirement of each of the trainings: 70% Attendance + 75% lab + 75% written exam
    • Fast Track applies to those who have a valid CCNA Certificate (as it needs to be renewed every 3 years) and are teaching related course(s) currently. Fast Track includes: Academy orientation, co-teaching, skill assessment and exams etc.. Once passed, it means all CCNA 1-4 instructor trainings passed. Detailed arrangement would be told after registration confirmed.
  • Training Detail
    • For ITE, CCNA 1-2 courses:
      • Free but need to have school principal’s confirmation
      • Course Completed Follow-up : teachers are required to open Netacad classes to their students after the training
    • For CCNA 3 & 4 courses:
      • Need to pay for the training
      • Requirement after courses completion: participants are required to fulfill the requirement stated above in the table. *New Courses includes: Introduction to IoE, NDG Linux Essential, Get Connected, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Be Your Own Boss, Cloud Primer, Collaboration Primer, and Voice Primer.
  • Seats for AiTLE (please fill in “AiTLE” for the question “How do you hear about this training information?” in the registration form)
    • ITE : 15 seats
    • CCNA 1 : 15 seats
    • CCNA 2 : TBC, depends on Post-Secondary Registration
    • CCNA 3 : no limit as need to pay, first come first serve
    • CCNA 4 : no limit as need to pay, first come first serve

Detail and Registration : Click here