AiTLE Supporting : Cisco Women Rock-IT Cisco TV Series

2015-01-18 - Cisco Women Rock IT Web Image

A Technology career can be as varied, exciting and as glamorous as you want it to be – and it’s not just for the boys.

Join “Cisco Women Rock-IT Cisco TV Series” at the FREE live broadcast of the “Women Rock-IT Cisco TV Series” on 5th February 2015 from 12 noon until 1:30 pm with Janet Ramey, Vice President of Cisco’s Technical Services. The four part series will run until 2 July 2015.

What do you know about Careers in Tech? Male dominant field? Nerds only? Code has to be your second language? No creativity and you will have to move to Silicon Valley…? WRONG!

REGISTER NOW to hear from some “Rock’in” Cisco women who have challenged the stereotypes and turned their passion for technology into rewarding and successful careers. By joining this event, you will have the unique opportunity of connecting with some of Cisco’s leading women who Rock-IT.

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