AiTLE Project : 3D Printing Creativity Incubation Program 2014 – Oct 2014 timeslots

Dates: 11/12/2013

2014-02-12 - 3D Printing Creativity Incubation Program 2014 - Web Icon

In order to promote creativity and innovation among primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong. AiTLE is in co-operation with DTSL & eCampus Today, with the Support from the Baptist Rainbow Primary School, to launch a project called “3D Printing Creativity Incubation Program 2014”.

This Creativity Incubation Program planned to promote student creativity and problem solving skills through solving daily problem by designing 3D objects and realize them by using 3D printing technology.

The goal is to enable students creativity and enhance their hands-on ability through the process of 3D printing.

Project Detail :

  • 3D model and printing training classes will be offered to teachers and students on a per-school basis
  • To attend the 3D model training class, each school must gather at least 4 students and lead by at least 1 teacher
  • Participants are advised to bring their own  notebook PC to attend
  • Location : Baptist Rainbow Primary School
  • Schedule : Two classes will be arranged per month (starting from March to October 2014) – detaill schedule at application form
  • Duration per visit : 3 hours
  • All participated schools will be automatically entered the Year-end 3D Design and Printing Competition

Training Timeslots for Oct 2014

  • Date & Time :
    • 2014-10-06 (MON) AM from 0900-1200
    • 2014-10-06 (MON) PM from 1430-1730
    • 2014-10-13 (MON) AM from 0900-1200
    • 2014-10-13 (MON) PM from 1430-1730
    • 2014-10-20 (MON) AM from 0900-1200
    • 2014-10-20 (MON) PM from 1430-1730
    • 2014-10-27 (MON) AM from 0900-1200
    • 2014-10-27 (MON) PM from 1430-1730
  • Venue : Baptist Rainbow Primary School

To apply for the 3D model and printing training classes, please fill in the form here