AiTLE & ETC Project : Educational Software/Apps Testbed Project

Dates: 08/03/2013

During the implementation of elearning, good educational software / Apps are of course can help.


In order to help to school to experience more educational software / Apps, and also help software developer to produce and/or improve their educational software.


AiTLE is in co-operation with the Educational Technology Connection HK Limited (ETC) to launch a project called “Educational Software/Apps Testbed Project


Interested teacher if applied, will be matched with suitable software (matching will be done according to the information provided by teachers) as much as possible.


Teacher will then

  • enjoy at least use of the software / Apps for at least 12 months
  • required to share the usage experience and usage suitability
  • expected to start trial immediately after selection
  • expected to be invited to meet and join the product provider at the Learning and teaching Expo, to understand the product better and express their initial findings directly
  • share with the visiting teachers what they have found, and collect wish list from them for the content publisher’s further action


Schedule of project:

  • Apply :  Fill in online form below
  • Application deadline : 10/11/2013
  • After preliminary matching on schools and subjects, software / Apps vendors will contact the schools individually
  • Detail softwares / Apps Information sessions will be conducted in mid Nov for teachers to select (most available date and time slot for interested and applied teachers)



If interested, please fill in the embedded google form below or click here to fill in the google form directly :