AiTLE x MIT Innovation Node HK : DayofAI 2023

Dates: 02/28/2023

AiTLE 去年與 MIT Innovation Node HK 聯合支持 Day of AI (2022)[],超過六百名學生參加。今年 AiTLE 再度與 MIT Innovation Node 支持「Day of AI 2023」。以下乃活動資料:

Day of AI is when students across the globe engage in hands-on activities designed to introduce them to AI and how it plays a part in their lives today. The curriculum at Day of AI is developed by leading faculty and educators from MIT Raise (Responsible AI for Social Empowerment).

How to participant :

  • Join Online Professional Development Workshop
    • Date : 2023-05-31 (WED)
    • Time : 20:00-21:30 (Hong Kong Time)
    • Format : Zoom
    • Content :
      • What is ChatGPT? How should it be used (or not) in schools?
      • Chatbot, creativity and natural language processing
      • A library of fun AI tools and resources for students
  • Join Day of AI Celebration around the world
    • Share your class activity photos, projects or comments on social media (IG, FB or Twitter) and hashtag #DayofAI by June 30 to create some buzz!

Registered participants who take part in both [Online Professional Development Workshop] and [Day of AI Celebration around the world] will receive a certificate.