AiTLE + Microsoft : The Microsoft Office Specialist Championship HK 2020 [The 7th Microsoft Office Skills Competition 2020]

Modern workplace requires digital skills. Office Application handling skills (especially Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation & Image Editing) are a MUST for nowadays people no matter at study or at work. In NSS ICT, knowing Office Application Handling Skills is also a MUST as is included in the C&A Guide.

To arouse students’ interest and knowledge in Office Application handling skills, and to let students take part more to enhance their ability. AiTLE & Microsoft will launch “The Microsoft Office Specialist Championship HK 2020”.

[AiTLE has hosted this competition for 6 years already, this year is the 7th year and this year, partner with Microsoft and renamed the competition from “Microsoft Office Skills Competition” to “Microsoft Office Specialist Championship HK”]

Below is the detail of the competition this year:

  • Competition Categories
    • Microsoft Office Skill ~ Word Processing
    • Microsoft Office Skill ~ Spreadsheet
    • Microsoft Office Skill ~ Presentation
  • Participants Eligibility
    • Local secondary school students
      • each student can only join only 1 individual competition category
  • Competition Workflow
    • The competition has First Round and Final Round
      • First Round Competition
        • Date : 2020-09-12 (SAT)
        • Time : 0900-1600
        • Venue : can be at home or at school (depends on school teachers’ need)
        • Depends on school’s design, invigilation is not necessary
        • School can send unlimited student to join.
          • Schools are encouraged to held and take the First Round competition as a school event, or can allow students to do the test at home
          • The result will be recorded by systems and the organizer will shortlist candidate to Final Competition
          • Best 2 students (and mark over threshold) of each category in school will be accepted to join the Final Competition
            • Final number of accepted students for final will depends on total number of eligible finalists and also capacity of venue
          • An online portal will open for a computer base exam competition/ project submission
          • For Word Processing, Spreadsheet & Presentation
            • A web based quiz platform in MC, Fill in blanks, T/F, Matching Questions
      • Final Round Competition
        • Date : 2020-09-26 (SAT)
        • Time : 0900-1300
        • Venue : Ying Wa College
        • With invigilator supervision for the competition
        • Question setting, format, duration and all others is same as MOS Certification Exam
        • Best 2 students (and mark over threshold) of each category from First Round will be accepted to join the Final Competition
          • Final number of accepted students for final will depends on total number of eligible finalists and capacity of venue
          • Final competition participant will award a MOS at no charge
  • Software Version for Competition
    • Microsoft Office Skills Stream / MOS Exam Version
      • Microsoft Office 2016
      • Will have Chinese traditional/ English to choose
  • Scope
  • Awards
    • For participants that eligible to join the Final Competition and can get enough mark for the certification, the certification will be awarded to the related students
    • Microsoft will nominate champion** of each category to World championship competition with Certiport under the following conditions:
      • Have student got Champion of the competition
        • Champion of “Microsoft Office Skill ~ Word Processing”
        • Champion of “Microsoft Office Skill ~ Spreadsheet”
        • Champion of “Microsoft Office Skill ~ Presentation”
      • The student related has not join related category in the MOS world championship before
    • Awards to be confirmed by AiTLE as well

(**Due to Covid-19, this year world championship nomination will be reserved for 2021 competition. The mode and execution of MOS World championship 2021 also depends on the situation and we reserve the right to change any of the arrangement upon it.)

More info about 2020 MOS World Championship

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